View Full Version : New: IM+ for the Nokia 7650 and Series 60

16-09-2002, 05:56 PM
Shape services have released the first version of their instant messaging service for the Nokia 7650. Now you can use your AOL and ICQ IM services on the move.

Shape Services Information:

With IM+ the most popular instant-messaging systems: ICQ and AOL are
available on your Nokia 7650/3650.

The main IM+ features are:

- IM+ makes direct connection to the supported services, without any "gate" in the middle. It's very important, because it means that you connected to your favourite services as a full rights user. So, your connection will never be blocked out because of some "difficulties" between target service and the "gate" operator!
- Contact list management functions, including facilities to add a new contact, to delete a contact and to change nick of a contact.
- IM+ keeps the contact list information on the respective servers. So, IM+ and your convenient desktop client always use just the same contact list. You can add new user in your contact list with IM+ and you will see this user on next connection with your desktop client.
- Simultaneous connection to all selected systems - Full presence status support
- Authorization for presence status subscription.

More information here (