View Full Version : What could be a suitable punishment?

13-09-2002, 06:06 AM
They are the bane of today's society! They cause children to go unfed! They cause cats and dogs to go without being fed! They are the cause of extended toilet breaks! They cause housework to not get done! They cause divorce rates to go up and marriage rates to go down!

Who are they!?

If people who sell addictive drugs are called Drugs Pushers, then these are Games Pushers! They are the people who write games like Vexed, Tetris and iFraC. For they know that once you pick up one of their games, your life will end and you will be trapped in a world full of colourful and pretty blocks which stubbornly refuse to submit to your initial reactions!

Arghhhh! The hours, days, weeks, months and years of manhours spent on playing these games is detrimental to society! This is time which could be spent watching telly, snogging your best friend's sister, listening to Panic Street Preachers or dunking chocolate fingers into cups of tea!

;) What can we do to these evil doers!?

Suggestions please!

13-09-2002, 08:19 AM
Hold on, are you comparing me to a Mr Big style Bond villian?


I see no link from myself to hideous people who give you small free doses of levels called "Childrens Pack" and then sneak up time consuming mega levels called "Twister," "Confusion" and "Panic."

Oh hold on, they aren't out yet...

And neither do we plot new and exciting Management games to allow you to control F1 teams and Footbal Clubs and Ice Skaters...

Oh hold on, they aren't out yet either...

And neither do we have a platform game where you play David Beckham in a Mario style enviroment killing enemies with your platform based football dribbling and shooting skills.

Oh hold on. thats "Go! Go! Beckham! Adventures on Soccer Island" on my Gameboy....

Damm. I say we make sure everyone in the world plays Vexed. With all the world leaders helping each other on Levl 34, world peace should be possible (at least for a few months). You neve know, after those months we might begin to enjoy it!

13-09-2002, 12:15 PM
I declare a suitable punishment to be tweaking the nipples of elderly kangaroos.
/me sees a new TV idea : "I'm a programmer, get me out of here!"