View Full Version : Encryption problem in Symbian Os Application

26-03-2004, 01:00 PM
hi ,
i am developing an application in which the server (.php file) will
generate a license key based on user info and send it back to the mobile device.
The license key will be generated using some form of encoding algorithm.On the
client side the encoded license key is used to validated with the user
information stored in the client.For that matter there has to be decryption of
the license key on the symbian os client.
Pls suggest me some encryption
algorithm (say RSA etc.) which can be supported by both symbian os and php
running on a linux server.So that a homogenity can be maintained between the .
php file which is generating the license key on the server side and the client
side application running on a symbian device which is decrypting the encoded
license key (for validation with the info stored on the client side) everytime
the client wants to connect to the server.
The problem is the memory
constraint of symbian OS so that a heavy encoding algorithm cant be supported
on the mobile client.