View Full Version : More Vexed Level Packs Released by FreEPOC

09-09-2002, 10:52 PM
Okay, it's been delayed a week or two to let you get your nerves back, but the next two level packs for Vexed ( have been released. They are available for download from FreEPOC ( now.

The Second Variety is a continuation of The First Variety, and is a good mix of skill levels for the all round Vexed player.

The Childrens Levels are really for the younger generation, so they don't hurl your phone across the room, but many people use it as a gentle and easy ride through Vexed when introducing the game to new friends of frustration.

I'll give you a few weeks with these ones before the next batch, because that's when the difficulty starts to really mount up.

Enjoy! (I think :evil:)