View Full Version : New: Handy Clock by Epocware

05-09-2002, 08:00 AM
Clocks! Clocks! Everywhere and not a minute to waste! Yes, Epocware ( have released Handy Clock ( AB93C7F8C8CB13XEE57E95&platformId=4&productId=4322 7&productType=2&sectionId=0&siteId=308&zsortParams =true) for the Nokia 7650....

As they put it; "Handy Clock for Nokia 7650 is a great time and multi-alarm software tool. It shows time and date in your home city and in two other cities of the world. You can choose these cities from the list, built in Handy Clock program, or add the new ones. Handy Clock shows current time in both digital and analog formats.

Handy Clock application shows you date and day of the week. You can also see the dialing codes of the chosen cities on the Clock screen".

It costs $14.95 but a demo version is also available from this page on Handango ( AB93C7F8C8CB13XEE57E95&platformId=4&productId=4322 7&productType=2&sectionId=0&siteId=308&zsortParams =true) (affiliate link).