View Full Version : Ideas for two small UIQ applications

03-01-2004, 11:19 PM
Without sufficient time or experience in Symbian C-programming, I thought it maybe nice to spread two ideas for new applications for UIQ to inspire others. There are two small applications I really want for my P800:

1) It is very frustrating to have to delete incoming MMS, and quite expensive to forward every to my e-mail address thought MMS. What we need is a small application that makes it possible to forward MMS as (PC) e-mail. I surely would buy such an application.

2) Often I find myself wanting to transmit pictures etc. from my P800 to a local computer, but I do not want to install the whole PC suite on others computer (and I often do not have administrator access eider). It would be really nice with a program that emulates USB sticks, which is supported by default on modern windows installation. This could not use mrouter, but I still suppose it is possible? Using this P800 would become a movable disk.

Harald Weedon-Fekjśr, P800 user, Oslo, Norway