View Full Version : Nightmare trial available and purchase via Handango

29-08-2002, 09:50 AM
For those of you who didn't spot the post in the forum Nightmare is now available for trial download via the Digital Red website. It can also be purchased (affiliate link) and downloaded via Handango (

Handnago Info:
Nightmare is the first real-time action adventure game of Nokia 9210/9290, which is the most powerful game on 9210 history and let 9210 reach the top of the hardware performance.

Dragon-city is covered with a kind of mysterious air, where there are different forbidden zones in big or small size. It is said that the places are connected and pass sad and thrill sound at night, which make people hair stands on end. Maybe, the people who live on the ground will never imagine the corruption there, and don't know what lives there. Only when they are youngsters, the elders told them that they should not approach the city, or else they would be torn into pieces. It is not an alarmism, countless pathfinders and the ones who rush into the city by mistake were licked up.

And now, this day, it's time that the nightmare should finish. The adventuress, Linda, will charge the nightmare by right of her outstanding marksmanship and infinite courage, so that uncover the mystery veil of forbidden zone. Just from now on, perhaps everything there will be changed??are you interested in fight with her? Nightmare is the first horror and adventure game of Nokia 9210. The player will act as an adventuress by the name of Linda, and control her to explore in 5storey cachot in order to look for the spectre. Only by bearing down the fiend, Luka, that the continual nightmare will be sealed underground forever.

So that, Linda will cross swords with all kinds of monsters and corpse sucking blood, and kill groups of sanguinary daimon. She can only make use of the plentiful physical force and the treasure found casually.

The game is a new emphasis after developing a number of Mobile Games. The makers gathered the most wonderful developers and artists. Digital-Red will try hard to make Nightmare the most classical game on Nokia 9210.