View Full Version : SymbianWare releases Tracker version 3.2 for UIQ

25-11-2003, 10:27 PM
Tracker ( is a real and fully customizeable desktop application. With the special skin system it looks and acts exactly like you want, offering you hundreds of unique functions and possibilities transforming your device from a simple organizer to a powerful and great looking handheld computer.

What's new/improved:

* "Auto remove shortcuts for deinstalled apps"
option added. If activated (on default) then when you
deinstall any application, Tracker will automatically
remove a shortcut to this application from desktop as well (if any).

But if you use more than one memory card for your device it will be
better to disable this option. So when you remove
the memory card Tracker won't auto delete shortcuts to applications
located on memory card, but will mark them with "disabled" icon.

* "Reload" command added. Could be very useful
to completely refresh your desktop after swapping memory card.

* Tracker autostart function added.

* After "close all apps" command fulfilled the current page is automatically
refreshed (in order to show updated memory size)

* Tracker's menu was restructured. Non-essential options such as
'Reg. info' and 'About' now can be found in More sub-menu.

* "Snap to grid" option added (with customizeable grid size).

* "Popup Tracker" button behaviour was improved. If you press the same button
that pops up Tracker from background, but when Tracker is in foreground,
Tracker will scroll between current skin pages.

* The ability to use the jog dial up and down buttons while Tracker is in
and current page includes Today view to scroll through days/weeks
added (optionally). If this option is disabled, the current page doesn't
include today view or Tracker is in background then when you press
these buttons Tracker will perform default action you have assigned in
Tracker "Settings" dialog.

* "Cache today view" option added. If enabled you'll sacrifice some memory
in order to open page with today view without ANY delay. Today view
resources will be constructed only when open today view for the first time
(next switches to this page will be with no delay!)

* Now Tracker won't be automatically closed by system while in
background, system will look for something else to close!

* 204 command (Compact mem) fixed
* 104 (screen lock) command fixed
* "New Phone Call" command fixed.

* 401 command added. Shows/Hides system status pane. Works only on
complete full screen pages.
Warcraft3_cs sources updated. Here you can see an example of how to
use this command.

* When you create a speed webpage shortcut now option about icon transparency
are always visible

* Now Tracker can import skins from "OTHER" folders accessably to you from
PC Suite,
On device they are:
c:\Documents\Media files\other\
d:\Media files\other\
not only from inbox like before. Or, if you're familiar with
FileMan you can simply move ztr files to \system\apps\tracker\skins\
folder without any import.

* Small cosmetic and rendering improvements.
(When shortcut is moving now it doesn't always redraw status line)

* Now Today view automaticlly becomes refreshed at midnight in
order to auto change the date.

* When current skin was somehow deleted (outside Tracker), no more
"NoSkin" panic. Now Tracker will automaticaly switch to the default

* Now available in English and German languages

* Many more minor improvements and fixes.