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14-11-2003, 01:58 PM
I bought a Nokia HS-3W with my 6600, however, unlike when it's connected to my 6310i, only the headset rings, the phone remains silent, no matter what profile you have it set to. This mean to use the headset you have to have the earpeice permanently planted in your ear, otherwise the phone will just ring away without you knowing.

Nokia Tech Support suggests putting the phone on vibrate (very useful), but there's no way to have it actually ring when a call is reieved with the bluetooth headset connected.

I like my 6600, but the lack of MMS, GPRS (voda UK) and now a useable bluetooth headset profile is really starting to annoy me.

I don't suppose any one has managed to work around this fault?

14-11-2003, 02:32 PM
I'd imagine that if there is no way to change the settings then it would be possible to write an app like the anwerphone ones available for the 7650 which would intercept a call, start the phone ringing, and try to connect with the Bluetooth headset.

I haven't the time or inclination, but I suspect that someone'll do it sooner or later.

ADDED. Thinking about it, I suspect this is probably a known problem, and that it will be corrected in a new software release. Bear in mind that often phones have these problems when first released. I'd be surprised if it hasn't been addressed in the next revision or two.

14-11-2003, 03:52 PM
Originally posted by jameshogg1971
ADDED. Thinking about it, I suspect this is probably a known problem, and that it will be corrected in a new software release. Bear in mind that often phones have these problems when first released. I'd be surprised if it hasn't been addressed in the next revision or two.

I have the suspicion that this outrageously poor design choice is a "feature."

The BT handsfree implementation on the 6600 is just terrible. It tries to always maintain the bt connection, draining your battery and tying up the phone's BT port. Switching between BT handsfree and the built in speaker is a pain too.

Isn't the behavior the same on all the series 60s? If so, I imagine a firmware update correcting the situation will not be forthcoming.

It would be really nice if someone would write an app to take over BT handsfree handling on it.

14-11-2003, 06:11 PM
Is this true? Does the headset always stay connected to the phone and therefore burn the battery down? If true, then this implementation of BT is useless. Why cant nokia figure it out like SE? I havent been able to try since I have the HBH30 which isnt supported :(


14-11-2003, 08:15 PM
I don't think its the implementation of BT, but rather the implementation of handsfree support.

But, certainly once there is a connection, neither my freespeak nor the 6600 will terminate it automatically. My BT200 battery runs out after about 4 hours, even if I make no calls, but I'm not sure if that's entirely because the connection stays up, or if the BT200 replacement I was just sent has a bum battery.

You're totally right about the way SE does it, by the way. That's the correct behavior. I'd love to communicate this to the Nokia marketing people, if there were any way to get in touch with them.

Its a major defect in the phone. Any interested 3d party developers out there???

14-11-2003, 08:56 PM
I havent had any problems with pairing or using my 6600 with a Motorola HS810. Upon connecting the bluetooth "dot" gets a pair of brackets around it. When I make or receive a call a headphone symbol appears for the duration of the call. My headset is rated for 200 hours and that seems possible as it's been 3 days since I charged it.

15-11-2003, 12:09 AM
its partially a freespeak issue, then.

Ideally, the bluetooth "dot" shouldn't have brackets around it unless you're actually making a call. The brackets indicate an active bluetooth connection, which means your batteries are being drained, and that you can't have another bt device (like a palmtop) connect to the palm until you disconnect the handsfree.

But, not having the headset icon at least means that less battery power is being drawn that would otherwise be.

I'm getting a bluetrek headset, since they're very cheap and they have an on/off switch that should make the whole thing more convenient. If it works, I may try to attach the funky "ear gell" thing from the freespeak to the bluetrek (or put the bluetrek innards inside the freespeak body), and I'll let people know if that works out.

15-11-2003, 01:14 AM
bluespoon chameon and HbH-35 works great with the 6600. for some reason, nokia's blluetooth headset are the worst headsets to be paired with a nokia

15-11-2003, 02:16 AM

That is a relief as I am thinking of getting one of those 2 headsets. What is your impression of the chameleon? My biggest fear is that it hurts to wear as several people have said this. What do you think?


15-11-2003, 07:07 AM
Originally posted by ethune

That is a relief as I am thinking of getting one of those 2 headsets. What is your impression of the chameleon? My biggest fear is that it hurts to wear as several people have said this. What do you think?

Eric chameleon... too small.... in my neighborhood, hard to wear coz it can easily gets snatched.

if it hurts in the ear, change the rubber. it has two, on elong, one short. other than that, one of the greatest bluetooth gadget. others worth looking into is jabra, motorolla and plantronics

17-11-2003, 12:07 PM
But getting back to my original point, I assume at bt headsets work the same with the 6600 - i.e. the phone never rings, just the headset?

17-11-2003, 06:59 PM
I find it very weird that you ppl are complaining that your phone's battery is burned down in 4 hours...

That cannot be the case since my phone has been on BT connection for a whole 24 hours including talk time and standby time and its still only 3/4 way through its battery.... Not only that but I had to recharge my BT headset 5 times! meaning there is no way the headset's battery will outlast the phones...

Thats on a Nokia HS-3W headset, and BL-5C battery in phone

firmware 3.42.1

That said, BT handeling should be improved :) And the phone does not ring when some1 calls, not that that is a problem since the phone is usually on vibration anywayz (dont need the ringer since the phone is always right infront of me and therefore i see the light or in my pocket)

Well, if some1 starts a project let me know, ill lend some of my programming tallent :D

17-11-2003, 07:35 PM
I agree...

It's impossible that a BT handset drain out a battery on the phone... must be another problem...

I don't have a 6600 yet..

But with my 7650 i've been connected by BT to my PC for a day... without any battery problem without charger pluged in of course..

So a BT Handset can't do that i think ...


17-11-2003, 10:04 PM
My BT headset battery runs down after about four hours.

I will start to get a low battery warning about 14 hours later.

I agree that BT is not the sole culprit. The other culprit is GPRS set to "when available."

But that's not the point. BT is _a_ culprit.

I don't want a product, especially at this price, that has so many dammed rough edges. Its ridiculous that this sort of defect should be in a phone like this; Sony Ericsson has known how to do this right for more than a year. It isn't hard to figure out, and if they usability tested it, it has to have come up.

18-11-2003, 09:00 AM
I was thinking about the HDW-2.Does anybody have any gripes over this product?

18-11-2003, 09:34 AM
HDW-2 is crap - dont bother.
Buttons are too small and fiddly and the on/off button is practically impossible to use.and it has a problem when the phone is more than a couple of feet from the headset.

I have the Jabra freespeak and it works like a charm compaired to the HDW. Sound is louder and clearer too.
I wore it for an entire weekend without the battery draining.
It auto turns on/off when inserted or taken out of the charger and if you want the phone to ring BEFORE you answer the call on the headset, why not wear the headset switched off, when the phone rings in your pocket push the 'on' button and you'll pickup the call - I don't use mine that way but I see no reason why it will not work.



18-11-2003, 07:07 PM
Thing is with the 6600, you cant keep the bluetooth headset disconnected untill you get a call. What happens is that after you start talking, switching to the bluetooth headset is extremely troublesome.. If you turn on the headset usually it will not connect to your phone.. On some rare occations it did connect, but it seems completely random. If it does not connect, then you have to goto menu >> connections >> bluetooth >> paired devices >> <headsetnamehere> >> connect.

In that time you would have to tell the person you are talking to to hold on. Also, sometimes the headset gets connected but for some reason it only outputs the conversee's voice, but does not input your own voice.

Common Nokia, you can do better =D don't give our friends with SE's and phillipse phones a chance to make fun of our phones =)

I would recommend waiting till the next nokia headset gets released, and the next firmware, and hopefully we will have what we need =)

21-11-2003, 02:07 AM
Well I got my bluespoon chameleon today and confirmed nokia's bt implementation is garbage. Once the headset is connected, the phone never disconnects unless you do it manually. This causes the headsets battery life to be substantially decreased. I just can't believe that nokia would put out such a poor implementation. My 6310i does the same thing so maybe this is the way they think it supposed to work. Sony's disconnect after the call ends and reconnect when you get a call.

I am utterly dissappointed with this!!!