View Full Version : SmS ringtones wav? or other format?

Nokia 7650
05-11-2003, 09:20 AM

I got a question to ask. Some of my fren tell the sms ringtones can be personalise that i know but it is not in ringtones format.

It is on some other format very long the ringtones 3 min plus according to her she compose it or something.

I am going to set my eye on the upcoming 3660 and i wanna know if that phone support the wav or other format ringtones as on personalise sms ringtones.

Thanks sorry for the blurrish explaination :P

05-11-2003, 07:06 PM
Apology for blurrish explanation accepted. ;)

However, at least I need a less blurrish explanation to understand what you are really asking.

Please, start by explaining what you mean with "sms ringtones" and what do you mean when they "can be personalise".

In the meanwhile I'll try to guess what you're really after and say this:

The 3660 supports (will support) many ringtone formats such as .rng, .mid and .wav (well, they're not really ringtone formats, but filename extensions to popular audio/sound file formats).

Your ringtone can be as long or short as you wish depending on the size/length of the ringtone audio file you use.

And you can get such audiofiles via web sites, wap sites, etc. Download them directly to your phone using wap/web, send them as MMS messages, email attachments, directly from your PC using Bluetooth or infrared (IrDA), copy to MMC card on a PC with an MMC reader, etc.

Nokia 7650
06-11-2003, 12:45 AM
Ok. I try to make it less blurrish. :)

What i am trying to ask is about the message alert tone.

Like in the older nokia phone like 8250 which i own have the selection of standard, special, beep once, ascending and no tone.

The new nokia have the feature of personalise message alert tone. So here some the question => the personalise message alert tone can support what format, is it that u compose a song or tone or even record and use it as a message alert tone.

Coz my fren told me that he know a fren who have a 3 minute long sms alert tone which is identical to a polyphonic ringtones.

I think he compose the song and instead of using it as a ringtones, he use it as a message alert tone.

I am so lost... :D

23-03-2006, 03:13 PM

You should just be able to browse to your message alert settings and change the alert sound to one of your uploaded sounds, whether it's a realtone or a midi. I've seen them both work on Nokia, so it must very well be possible on your phone.