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21-10-2003, 09:34 PM
i think the potential and bright future of the gaming market is arousing the interest of the big brothers of the world technology economy. day after day more companies wants to enter this market. do you think entrance of the big brother to the play is a good thing for gaming market`s future ???

23-10-2003, 07:55 AM
I think that is a interesting perspective. But let me put my take on it, as someone that appreciates games and the machines that run them...

I don't like the idea of gaming being controlled by some giant company. I don't like the stranglehold that the PS2 has over gaming, for instance. I think in the long run gamers suffer. Why? Well, for instance look at the Xbox. It is a more enjoyable system to use. It is faster, and can have much better games. However, because of the domination PS2 has, it has a better pick of games and hence can hold off the Xbox indefinately. Much like the Playstation did over the vastly superior N64. The fact is that with the introduction of backwards capabilities, changing the order of who is in powerfull is becoming all but impossible.

Consider the Playstation 2. By introducing the ability to play PS1 games, they were able to squash competition. They ran over the Dreamcast, even though the Dreamcast had a huge launch... they then proceeded to keep the Gamecube and Xbox under their thumb as well (and barely treading water in most markets). The end result? Xbox is kept alive only by the will of Microsoft, the Gamecube is kept alive be dropping prices and the fact that Nintendo has the hugely successfull GBA to keep its finances in order. Sega, meanwhile has been forced into the humble position of developing games for its former rivals.

Then, look at the GBA. It and its predecessors (and this is highly relevant since it demonstrates totall backwards compatibility) have destroyed several superior products. Amongst them were the Lynx and the Game Gear. Both of which has superior performance, but never managed to match the advertising or game development of the Gameboy. Now, with a system having long stood unchallenged and featuring backwards capabilities, the task of even treading water on its turf is daunting. Only the big companies stand a chance. For instance, had a Sega or Atari suffered the disappointed launch of the N-Gage they would most likely be forced to abandon it (see Jaguar or Nomad if you don't believe me). Only a company with deep pockets has even half a chance.

So....the conclusion to my long winded story?
It is a highly competetive atmosphere. Nintendo killed off Atari as a console maker, and Sony in turn killed off Sega. The fact is, that once they took a major console maker out of the market they watered down the market more. The end result is the fact that the poor performing PSX is still in stores, and the Game Boy Color (which is inferior to the vastly outdated Game Gear) still has games in many stores as well. So... if only the big companies like Nokia and MS can bring any kind of challenge, then so be it. I don't want the gaming world controlled by one enternally backwards compatible product that is also enternally outdated.

23-10-2003, 08:26 AM
Cracking post - well thought out. Now what do you think this means o the N-Gage?

23-10-2003, 09:38 PM
Originally posted by KrAzY3
...Nintendo killed off Atari as a console maker...

Unfortunately I have to disagree with it because Atari was not killed by Nintendo. It was more like a suicide. The only really good and competitive console after the Pong from Atari was the 2600. At around 1982 the gaming market had a great fall (that period is known as the black age) because a.There were no real revolutionary games,mostly clones of the old ones b.Atari had the Monopoly and didn't give a shit so he didn't create a real successor for the 2600. A couple of years later Nintendo (until then only a game software company) created the far superior NES/Famicom(but also very faulty and rushed) and made it a hit by investing all its financial sources to advertising. Even the better Sega Master System couldn't compete cause of the advertising.
But afterwards Nintendo almost became the Atari, when the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive was out Nintendo didn't have any plans for a competitive system. After seeing the NES falling he made the desparate move to support the NEC Turbografix,that also failed.
So it took too much time for Nintendo to put an original competitive product (SNES/Super Famicom).
The reason why Nintendo is still alive and didn't had the same fate with Sega was not the better Hardware (which from the N64(Silicon Graphics) till now is mostly third party), but because Nintendo knows what gamers want. The very good games/franchices kept alive the N64 as well as the the Gamecube(Mario,Zelda,Pokemon,Donkey Kong are only a few of them).

The same goes for the N-Gage. In order to be kept alive in the Market Nokia not only needs to advertise it a lot but also make price cuts and most importantly adverise it correctly. Nintendo has excelent games and there is a huge library of them. Nokia has none of these. Why not then advertise the extra futures of the N-Gage (Smartphone,MP3,radio...Most of the advertisemens gives the idea that you have to do with another Game Boy only device). Why not give a light version of the SDK (not the series60) to open source developers in order to see free games/apps for it(especially in order to utilize the 8way joystick)?

But even if they do all these I don't understand why Nokia didn't heard the Market before releasing it in order to make it better...
(Game/MMC changing,no triger buttons,not correct position of the microphone and speaker are only a few of them).

24-10-2003, 12:26 AM
er, even tho i wont contribute anything on here, i just have to say: MemphisX brought it to the point..

hes totally right :)

24-10-2003, 06:47 AM
I agree with you MemphisX about the atari and nintendo... i agree that atari draw it`s own end with its own hands...
N-Gage is really is not a competitive of GBA when it comes to the variety of games... Look at the titles... TombRaider, TonyHawkProSkater, Fifa2004, SonicN, MonkeyBall, and ect...They are releasing only the old games` new N-Gage versions. Or new releases of sequels. I`m not saying they are not good games, they are great when it comes to graphics and fun but they are games that everyone is familiar. Maybe thats a good strategy for them because when the game is known then the fans of this game will talk about and curious about N-Gage. But I think they have to give people newer than that... They have to make themselves a hero like Nintendos`s Mario or Sega`s Sonic... They have to make games that some people will be fans like Final Fantasy or WinnigEleven on PS... Just releasing the sequels or new editions of the old games will be like something happened to atari...
And about the SDK for the independent developers, it`s a great thing. Even more and more games will be released through internet for N-Gage... Then N-Gage will be known by more number of people. This is like a free-adverising... Maybe devloment community`s make better things then Nokia expect. Thins can make Nokia seem as the BigBrother watching over the top and seem as more freindly and :) If Nokia want to be the rebel child (i am not really sure that they can be) of this market they have act more open and more faster...