View Full Version : Best place to get N-gage on contract

21-10-2003, 08:21 PM
Hoping you guys can help me out

Looking to get myself an n-gage

Can you guys list where you got it (shop/net site etc) and the up front cost as well as the monthly payment for the contract

See what the best deal i can get it


21-10-2003, 11:34 PM
Phones4U in Nottingham, Clumber Street.
Phone 49.99 on O2 200
Insurance for 3 months FREE
50 cash back

Paid nothing all together. I got a few extra things thrown in free as well cus i work for em, but if your nice and you ask for me you get free things as well.


22-10-2003, 10:20 AM
in germany, you can get it in MediaMArkt for 1...

thats pretty neat :)

with contract of course

27-10-2003, 04:14 PM
I got mine on the web from

25 on Tmobile FT750.

Includes Free Tomb Raider, 32MB card (with Nokia snowboard game) and the ngage is unlocked and unbadged,

Contract is 13.99 a month 750 offpeak minutes and 50 texts a month. Tmobiles wap access also works for internet as well so you can download email.. use opera/doris to browse real web pages (bit slow but free)


27-10-2003, 11:40 PM

here is some deals for n-gage