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20-10-2003, 11:58 PM
View, Edit, Create, Word and Excel files, anytime, anywhere, Quickoffice Premier makes it possible by putting full access to "mission critical" MS Office files on any Symbian UIQ smartphone! With Quickoffice Premier, you can read native Microsoft® Word and Excel files in memory on cards, as well as receive them as e-mail attachments or MMS messages. Opened documents are complete with most original formatting including color, varying font sizes, bolding, & italics.

The first fully functioning spreadsheet for your UIQ smartphone! Anywhere access to your Microsoft Excel files

*Preserve the full integrity of your original Excel files
*All most frequently used functions including scientific, financial, statistical, date and time, lookup, and aggregate functions plus sorting
*Supports multiple sheets per workbook and allows linked sheets
*Workbook model allows incremental save, save as, or cancel changes
*Advanced cell editing features that allow to you create and modify spreadsheets easily
*Format cells in a number of different ways using Cell Styles and allows naming the styles for easy reference
*Supports column resizing, and cell locking with sheet protection to guard against accidental changes to critical formulas
*Find and Find/Replace function
*Full integration with UIQ e-mail applications
*See e-mail attachments seamlessly listed in the Quicksheet file list view
*Saves edited Excel files as *.xls files, fully compatible with Excel, while preserving the original file intact

The first and only true word processor for your UIQ smartphone! Powerful access to your Microsoft Word files
Preserve full integrity of your original Word documents

*Advanced user interface for easy editing and review of documents
*Advanced formatting includes full font control including typeface, size, color, bold, italics, highlight, and underlining
*Format paragraphs with left, center, and right text justification
*Cut and paste text, and use Undo and Redo functions while editing
*Find and Find/Replace functions
*Word count
*Import and Read ebooks in the standard Palm OS 'DOC' ebook format
*Edit-protect mode disables editing tools for reviewing files
*Full integration with UIQ e-mail applications
*See e-mail attachments seamlessly listed in the Quickword file list view
*Edited Word files are saved as *.doc files, ready to share with colleagues via beaming, bluetooth, or e-mail, while preserving the original file intact

Purchase or download the free demo from Handango (

21-10-2003, 05:04 AM
There is no mentioning about compatibility with

- Symbian Word/Sheet (Ascii) as in the ER5 machines

- Symbian Word/Sheet (Unicode) as in the Nokia Communicators.

It was mentioned in Wireless Developer that QuickOffice is indeed compatible with those formats. But it is not mentioned now.

If they have left it out it is a serious omission in an otherwise good product.


21-10-2003, 07:03 AM
Um :cool: That P900 is just looking more and more tempting :D