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20-10-2003, 07:55 PM
SMan ( is a simple utility that manages processes running on your P800. While the idea is not new (qFileMan, Switcher), SMan's improves upon the existing utilities by providing a friendlier user interface and a number of additional features
that make it convenient to manage your processes.

The new stuff:

*There is now a complete file manager in SMan, the file manager replaces the "Bluebeam" option and has expanded on the file manager options greatly.

*There is also a new SysInfo option. This option reports on the system internals like processor, speed, drives, IMEI, etc. This info is very useful for testing on upcomming P900 and BenQ models to see what architecture differences there are between the UIQ models release by manufacturers.

*InfoStore is a simplified database system that allows you to securely store information like passwords and PIN information.

*Today View is a quick overview screen of all your appointments (Calendar) for the day and also all "todo" items that you have set for yourself in the Tasks application.

*Due to the many additional functions in SMan, a function ("Fn") menu had to be added to SMan v1.2. This allowed us to add additional functions into SMan without cluttering up the original main screen of SMan.

*In the various SMan "Fn" modules, you will find a Zoom option that allows you to choose the font size of the text for that particular module. They are also independent of the other modules in SMan so you can choose a zoom factor of small for one module and a zoom factor of medium for another module.

*SMan now has a flipclose mode function with shortcuts to some of SMan's functions.

*SMan v1.2 will be available in a few languages. Initially the english version will be made available, others to follow.

The updated stuff:

*The show hidden tasks option has been enhanced. This allowed additional processes that were running to be shown. This update was done due to Malcolm Bryant reporting that people developing Java applications on the P800 could not find nor end the task of those Java programs. Thanks Malcolm!

*There is now a "Run" option. SMan will query the OS of all the software installed and displays them in alphabetical order, just scroll to the application you want to run and it gets launched. In addition, SMan will remember the last three (3) applications you've launched from the "Run" menu provided those applications are not already in your permenant seven (7) shortcuts.

*There is also the now famous Bluejack option. This option allows you to bluejack an individual as well as to do a proximity sweep of all bluetooth enabled devices around you (and bluejack them!). There is also a log file for all bluetooth activities so that you can gloat and see how many victims you have found while the sweep was active. You can also see this as a screen log. You can also view the log directly from SMan and also have the option to delete the current log.

SMan is freeware and can be downloaded here (

04-11-2003, 10:30 AM
Hi there,

SMan v1.2b is now available. We will now work on language translations and after that... v1.3! :D


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