View Full Version : Beta of GapiDraw Graphics Engine for Symbian

20-10-2003, 02:36 PM
A beta of GapiDraw, a graphics engine for Smartphones and PDA's which is intended for developers has been released for Symbian. Series 60 and UIQ devices are currently supported.

Release Information:
A first beta of the Symbian version of GapiDraw is now available for download! Supported devices are currently Nokia 3650/7650 and the SonyEricsson p800. The beta comes with a banner and is for testing purposes only. The final version will not have a banner and will use the same licensing agreement as the Win32 version of GapiDraw.

The download includes two sample projects (simple and minimal) together with installation files for both the 3650/7650 and p800. A brief description of how to port your existing Pocket PC game to your Symbian device is also included.

What is GapiDraw (from their website):
GapiDraw is the fastest, most advanced, and easiest to use graphics library for Stationary PCs, Smartphones and Handheld Computers! GapiDraw is individually optimized for each system platform, providing features such as hardware blitter support, surfaces with variable transparency, bitmapped fonts, rotozoom, real-time tint and colorization effects, and much more. With over 100 games and applications based on GapiDraw released so far, GapiDraw can be considered something of a de facto standard for creating applications with high demands on graphics performance for mobile devices.