View Full Version : Q'S about the it the phone we have been waiting for?

16-10-2003, 08:18 AM
1.First of all is it the replacement 7650 owners have been waiting for?(the 3650 was ugly and the keypad layout was absurd)

2.will it play movies?(installed on the mmc card of course)

3.can it take anything else bigger than an mmc card like those new 500 something megabyte cards?

4.will it be 100% compatible with all 7650/3650 programs.

5.does it use the same infrared hardware as the 7650 or is it upgraded(I had loadsa fun with the remote control program) the 6mb memory ram or storage memory.I don't want to live the 3650 lack of ram problems.

7.why do the camera pics have lesser quality than the 3650 camera pics?(judging from the pics I saw on the net)

my only regret with my 7650 was lack of memory and low sounding speaker but other than that it was a great phone.
that sums it.

16-10-2003, 10:53 AM
1.Well,i'm a 7650 owner and the 6600 will not replace it ;)

2.Yes it can.So can the 7650 and he 3650.

3.There have been reports that some brands(tecic)of higher capacity(256 and 512MB) are working,search the forum for more info.

4.Well,probably not 100% but most Series 60 1.x applications should work

5.I don't know whether it uses the same IR hardware but i'm pretty sure psiloc's IR remote app will work.

6.Storage.I don't the ammount of RAM on the 6600.

7.Various of reasons,probably because its not the final version and the camera software is not final.

All of your questions have been already answered,in the future please search the forum.