View Full Version : New: Xonix Game for the 7650 from Symbianware

15-08-2002, 03:08 PM
Xonix 7650 is a very addictive game from Symbianware, based on an old Amiga game. Plenty of levels and extra this is a great value game at 5 Euros and can be purchased via Handango (

The aim of the game is to crop as much area as possible, avoiding the little creatures named Xonixes. When you crop 70% or more of the playfield, you're moved to the next level. The area will be yours if there are no enemies inside it.

Constanly appearing from level to level, the enemies won't let you relax. The intelligent scoring system and new lives won't let you die too soon. The game features several high-quality 'skins'.

Xonix 7650 features:
20 levels with increasing difficulty
Different monster types
High scores table
Nice colorful graphics
Various background images