View Full Version : New: CellMill for the 7650

13-08-2002, 11:37 AM
Cellsoft have released CellMill ( for the 7650. Cellmill challenges you and your 7650 to a battle that began centuries ago - the ancient Mills board game. Available from Handango (

CellMill is a based on the ancient game of Mills - an elegant game that demands strategy like that needed for chess or checkers, but with rules that can be learned in minutes.

With 3 skill levels, and 5 board sizes, CellMill provides the perfect way to learn and sharpen your skills, while still providing a serious challenge to battle- hardened players.

CellMill's authentic smooth graphics also provide the perfect atmosphere to challenge a friend to join you for a Bluetooth duel!

And with your 7650s you know the pieces can never get knocked off the board!

Are you ready to journey back in time and accept the challenge?