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03-09-2003, 10:58 PM
The VISIARC System is a business solution for efficient sharing, distribution, viewing and use of CAD drawings. The Wireless Viewer is a component of the system and is installed on you mobile phone. The viewer allows you to view real CAD drawings on your phone (zoom and pan). At Handango a hosted version of the system, MyVISIARC, is offered that includes the Wireless Viewer. The offer is for a single person, but can later be upgraded allowing you take advantage of the collaborative features of the system, instantly sharing CAD drawings wirelessly within a team or workforce.

All your drawings are securely stored on the MyVISIARC server and up to 250 drawings can be uploaded and published in this version. Packages for additional drawings (and users) can be purchased.

Downloading drawings to your mobile phone in the field is fast using GPRS or GSM Data. On average it takes about 20 to 30 seconds to download and have your drawing at hand. The latest downloaded drawings are stored (cached) on your mobile phone. This means that after download they are available for offline viewing, so you do not need to be online all the time using the drawings. (There is also a wireless sync function that is automatically engaged every time you connect to the archive.)

As well, the VISIARC System also includes a web based drawing portal making it possible for you to view all your drawings on any Internet connected computer using the WebViewer. In the office, you use the WebViewer (Java Applet) for viewing CAD drawings in your web browser without installing any software, and in the field you use the Wireless Viewer on your phone.

You need a Windows equipped computer to use the PC Suite for Sony Ericsson P800 to install the software supplied on the CD with your Sony Ericsson phone. The CAD drawing formats supported are:

* DWF (AutoCAD, Note: not DWF 6, which is not well suited for wireless transfer)
* SVF (Microstation)
* HP-GL/PLT (generic vector plot format that any CAD system can output)

The software and documentation is available in English (and Swedish). The fee is an annual suscription fee.

More information about the VISIARC System is available at

Purchase from Handango ( 3E8F97EX6B5E892842EDC8DD3E722E&catalog=0&sectionId =0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=84668).