View Full Version : [New] Nicevalley releases PicPuzzŠ for P800

03-09-2003, 10:45 PM
PicPuzzŠ is a variant of a well known puzzle. Only one field is free. By moving the pieces the right way you may complete the puzzle.

PicPuzzŠ is different and only limited to the memory (can be extended). With PicPuzzŠ you may also puzzle your own pictures, photos your friend sent to you and images you downloaded from internet for your own use (e.g. sports cars).

Was is unique in PicPuzzŠ ?

PicPuzzŠ offers several sizes, namely 4x4, 5x6, 5x7 (played normal) and 7x4 (played quer), optimized to the device.

PicPuzzŠ offers in full version "all pictures of the world" , as long as you have enough memory.

Regardless whether your kids, your partner, friends, mountains, trees, trains, cars, motor bikes, flowers, animals (or what ever), you will quite sure have fun with PicPuzzŠ.

PicPuzzŠ is, playing in size 4x4, useful for kids from about 5 years old. E.g. learing numbers and the alphabet.

For more information: Gamevalley (Š

Purchase or download the free trial from Handango ( 3E8F97EX6B5E892842EDC8DD3E722E&catalog=0&sectionId =0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=84732).