View Full Version : New: GoldMiner J2ME Game for 7650

07-08-2002, 09:52 PM
From the developers of the best selling SkiFlying for the 92x0 comes GoldMiner for the 7650. Lots of animations and great playability in this J2ME game. Available on Handango (

LynxLabs are the authors of this game, and are well known for their attention to details and great games. Hopefully there'll be a review soon, but this game is defientely worth a look.

Although aimed at the 7650 this midlet will also function on the 9200 providing the beta software for handling J2ME is also installed.

Developer description:
Daring and adventurous game with amazing graphics, lots of animations and great playability for J2ME color devices. Containing ten great levels to solve for hours of fun mining time.

Start a new career as a gold miner and work your way through rock, tunnels and water to find enough gold to open the entrance to the next level. You must hack, ignite dynamite and use your imagination to find the long awaited treasures hidden deep down in dangerous mines.