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29-08-2003, 11:16 PM
Epocware has updated several of its popular P800 programs. Handy 4.0 has more wallpapers, a manual, outlined fonts and a week view. Handy Safe 3.5 and Handy Expense 2.0 both get fixes and manuals, as does Handy Base which is also reanmed to Handy Data Bank 1.1

Press release:

Epocware, one of the world's leading developers for Symbian OS smartphones, continues delivering high quality software to Sony Ericsson P800 phones. Today company releases new versions of its P800 applications: Handy Day Version 4.0, Handy Safe Version 3.5, Handy Expense Version 2.0 and Handy Databank Version 1.1 (ex Handy Base).

What's new in Handy Day 4.0:

- manual
- outlined fonts!
- new default wallpaper + more wallpapers
- menu restructured
- week view: starts from today and shows next 7 days
- more control panel shortcuts
- other fixes and improvements

What's new in Handy Safe 3.5:

- manual
- small fixes and improvements

What's new in Handy Expense 2.0:

- manual
- changing home (default) currency
- other fixes and improvements

What's new in Handy Databank 1.1:

- name changed from Handy Base to Handy Databank
- small fixes and improvements

Registered users can download the updates to the latest versions FREE OF CHARGE following the instructions in products 'Download' at company's website:

You can find detailed information, download FREE trial versions of all Epocware applications for Sony Ericsson P800 and buy them online here: