View Full Version : Dumb Question But Looking Forwards To Release Of 6600!

28-08-2003, 03:19 PM
I live in australia, and if any of you folks are from here have a friend who works in a telstra store. I was going to get a nokia 7650 or if I had to a 3650 (bah this youth \ mass market crap), telstra now decided to make both models obsolete (ie got rid of all of their remaining stock to optus, meanwhile optus is running the both on cheaper than normal plans, sounds like the 6600 is coming in to me ;)).

All of this is quite irrelevent to my question I just wanted to see what people had to say to that, anyways will the current Series 60 Version 1.x apps run on Series 60 2.x phones, eg 6600 (of course :D).

I appreciate any help but I'm almost certain they do and if not only small rewrites would probably be needed. Thanks for any answers resolving this question, I don't feel like having to hit ebay for a phone that runs current apps as I honestly don't trust ebay vendors :D



28-08-2003, 03:45 PM
Most of the apps developed for Symbian 6.1,Series 60 1.x devices(7650,3650,SX1)should work on Symbian 7.0s,Series 60 2.x devices (6600)

29-08-2003, 01:50 AM
Humm keep us posed if it is released there is talke about it comming out on the 1st of septemeber in switzerland. phonehouse has an actual printed add though i dont have it sorry.