View Full Version : [New] Vasara Games (Fathammer Ltd.) releases Geopod (P800)

30-07-2003, 10:19 PM
Geopod is a 3D arcade racing game in the style of the PlayStation classic 'Wipeout'.

Geopod brings the sense of speed into mobile gaming. It is a fast and furious racing game where your task is to take the helm of a hover craft and compete against opponents on futuristic rollercoaster-like race tracks. In the career mode, you engage in a quest to become the Geopod Champion.

Geopod has been created with the X-Forge 3D Game Engine, which enables truly console quality 3D graphics and audio. For more information, go to

Purchase Geopod from Handango ( X57393D7C335A24FDCDF4EDE2D4X6D&catalog=0&sectionId =0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=82295).