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20-07-2002, 08:07 PM
Posts in this forum are the news articles that make up the news section of the website. They are used to create the headlines on the front page. Strating a topic in this forum will create a news item in the relavent category and it will be displayed in the news section.

Only people in the Usergroup News Posters can start topics in this forum (that is create news items). Everyone can reply to topics in this forum. These replies are the comments part of a news item.

Submitting News
To submit news you can use the form on this page:

Posting guidelines
There are no hard and fast rules, news posters may post what they like, but are encouraged to keep to the following guidelines.

1) The Teasers used on the headlines page of the news section are the text of the posts before the first 'return' i.e. the first carriage return (note not new line). Therefore the first few lines of a post should be a brief introduction (look at existing news items to get a rough idea about this). About 2-5 lines in the text box of the post page is a good length.

2) If you use a url in the main part of the text create a link which does not show the actual URL. However a link with a URL is fine when not in the main text. Like this is OK (
So is this:

The above link takes you to the BBCode help page which help yous define formatting in a post.

3) When linking to an article on another site or using information from another site it is a good idea not to use the full text. You can link to the full article using a URL. Its a good idea to put a quote in the bbcode quote tags.

Thanks News Posters you're all great!