View Full Version : Update: eFilemanager and Screen Capture final versions

17-07-2002, 05:04 PM
Extended file Manager and Screen Capture for the Nokia 7650 from PsiNT are now available. Both have been updated to version 1.0 release versions.

Extended File Manager:
Extended File Manager is a very useful tool that enriches Nokia 7650 with file browsing. With EFM you have full acces to all drives and files: system, hidden and read-only. You can create new folders, copy, move or delete files.

You can send files via bluetooth, infrared, mms and e-mail. You can easily
launch applications and files. Every file has an associated icon informing what type of the file is and what application can hanlde it. Interface is user oriented. You can browse by joystick or keypad. Majority of functions has a shortcut. Menu is dynamic so you will allways know what you can do with file or folder.

With eFileManager you can set up to 4 Quickjumps ( by ABC key and 1,3,7,9) so you will be able to return to folder you wish anytime. Files can be sent via MMS, email, Infrared and Bluetooth.

Screen Capture:
Nokia 7650 (unlike N9210) doesn't have screen capture utility. With ScreenCapture one can capture screen contents anytime using defined key combination. Pictures are saved in a folder accessible via Images application. You can select one of two formats: JPG or MBM. ScreenCapture works in the background and doesn't influence any other running applications.

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