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16-07-2002, 09:50 PM
Cibenix, the developer of Active Mail and Active Desk for the Nokia 9210, has announced the forthcoming availability of Active Desk for the 7650. Active Desk is the ideal solution to personalise and customise your Nokia 7650 phone.

The application allows you to fully customise the display - including choosing wallpapers ("skins") and text colours. Active Desk provides five information and feature rich, customisable views of the key information stored on you Nokia 7650, including calendar entries, to-dos and messages.

Home View - A summary “Home” view of all the key calendar, to-do, and messaging information on your phone. Create messages, agenda entries, and make phone calls all from this single view.

Calendar – a consolidated view of all upcoming meetings, day memos and anniversaries, with the ability to create and edit new entries.

Todo Lists – Active Desk adds support for to-do lists to the 7650, and provides a customisable interface to view one or more lists at a time. Create and edit to-dos directly from the Active Desk interface.

Messages summary – create new messages (MMS, SMS, e-mail) from this view, which provides a summary of the key message folders and message types.

Favourites – Active Desk Favourites allows you to create a convenient list of frequently used applications. The view also links with the Nokia Favourites application for easy access to shortcuts to specific documents, multi-media files, and on-line pages.

The combination of customisation and personalisation makes Active Desk the essential add-on for the Nokia 7650.

Active Desk for the 7650 will be available in the second half of July.

For more details please go to and follow the links to the preview pages, or email

Editors Comment: This is easily the most impressive application announed for the 7650, and if sales of Active Desk for the 9210 are anything to go by this will be a best seller. Active Desk is sure to be the polished application we have come to expect from Cibenix. Add to this Cibenix's excellent support and general professionalism and you have a winner. I'm sure this will become a very popular addition to the 7650.

It is well worth having a look at the preview pages as they give you a great idea of how the application works, and the way it seamlessly fits into the phone and its operation.

17-07-2002, 02:09 PM
So 7650 owners will you be interested in this software. I'd be interested ot hear what you think?

17-07-2002, 04:07 PM
If it's as good as the preview suggests I for one will be buying.