View Full Version : New: Crossword 9200 - Paperless Crosswords for your 92x0

13-07-2002, 10:19 PM
With Crossword 9200 you can play crosswords wherever you are and there is no need to look for a pencil or eraser anymore.

Automatically tracks and cross out completed clues. Highlights wrong letter. The only crossword program you'll ever need.

Crossword 9200 supports the Across puzzle format and there are literally thousands of free Across puzzles on the Internet!

Crossword 9200 Features:[list] Automatically saves current progress when closed and reloads when opened
Built-in spell checker
Supports Across and plain text formats
Multiple zooms
Can easily handle most crossword grid sizes
Hint and cheat options
Useful statistics for each puzzle
Automatic jumping of completed cell[/list:u]

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