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16-10-2001, 11:10 AM
Hi there,

I have 9210 on BT Cellnet which I have swopped sims in to use Orange.

Has anyone managed to configure dial up access using High Speed Data on Orange?

When I ring Orange just get told snottily that they don;t support the 9210 yet!

Any help much appreciated.


16-10-2001, 12:23 PM

If you search back through the topics in this forum you can get some details that may help

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16-10-2001, 01:02 PM
Thanks for your help, but I still can not seem to get any joy?!

I am trying to use BT Internet as my ISP

16-10-2001, 01:24 PM
Hello Steve,

I don't understand what you mean about it not working. Reading from the previous post in this forum about this, the settings are

Connection Name Demon
Phone Number +441212759666
Password Promt No
Username *********
Confirm Password********

Advanced Settings
Use Proxy Server No
Connection Type High Speed
Remote Modem Type V.120 ISDN
Max. Connection Speed 43200
Modem Initialisation
Allow plain text login Yes
Use PPP compression Yes

If you substitute your BT ISP settings (dialup number, username, password) what happens? do you get a connection?

Failing all of this, have you called Orange and enabled High Speed Data? (you have to tell them that you have a 6210 otherwise the poor dears get freaked out).

The channel bonding/aggregation should be transparent - you should notice that things happen more quickly (web pages download, email downloaded). I have not yet found a simple way of proving that you are connecting at 28.8 instead of 9.6 so you'll have to rely on the fact that it all 'seems' faster.


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16-10-2001, 03:27 PM
Yeah I have tried substituting but it just bombs out saying connection settings invalid.

Have enabled High Speed Data with Orange!

Must just be me being dumb ! I guess

16-10-2001, 04:05 PM
Hello Steve,

As far as I know, the HSCSD aspect is transparent to the ISP. What I mean is that if it works with a 'normal' dialup with BT on the phone, it should also work with HSCSD.

The only thing I can think of is that you are using v110 or v120 which the BT number does not support.

Use 'High Speed' but not with v110 or v120 as this is particular to Demon as they have a digital Orange access number.

Have you tried that? does it work?

Good luck and regards,