Whatsapp gets new emoji input and fix ups

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As regular readers will know, I'm not a huge Whatsapp fan, mainly because it's a right royal pain for someone who switches phones almost every day. However, I do recognise that it's popular both in the grand scheme of things and also on Symbian, making a big new Whatsapp release notable. And yes, that's a big name application being updated still for Symbian, don't be too shocked!

Here's the changelog for WhatsApp v2.11.771 for Symbian:

  • completely new emoji input (like on Android, supports multiselection, shows last used emojis in the first tab)
  • the messaging view font size depends on the system font size (menu, settings, phone, display, font size)
  • the contact information page now shows more contact informations additonally to the WA number, like email addresses and other numbers and all common groups
  • improved performance


And here's the download link you need: 

Thanks to master Symbian hacker Fabian, by the way, who also provides information and a link for a special modded version (i.e. for those with custom firmware or hacked Symbian phones) of this new Whatsapp release, which has these options:

  • installable on all drives, not just C:\ only
  • for phones which have all 3 drives, no more backups on C:\
  • no blocking homescreen popups for new messages
  • WhatsApp doesn't start automatically at the end of the installation
  • you can choose if you want to en-/disable the autostart of WhatsApp while installing

Again, here's the place to grab the modified version:

Great stuff for any Whatsapp fans on Symbian!