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Differences between Nokia 9210 and 9210i (9290)

The Nokia 9210i has several improvements over the Nokia 9210. These are increased memory and new software.

This is the major difference between the two devices since all most all of the others (the software components) can be obtained for free and are are compatiable with the Nokia 9210.

The Nokia 9210's specification for memory is:

  • Total memory: 24MB
  • Application memory: 14MB
  • User memory: 2MB
  • Execution memory: 8MB (SD-RAM)
  • 16MB Application Card in the sales package

The Nokia 9210i's specification for memory is:

  • Total memory: 40MB
  • Application memory: 16MB
  • User memory: 16 MB (contains 6 MB preinstalled applications)
  • Execution memory: 8MB (SD-RAM)
  • 64MB Memory card available as an accessory

As you can see the main difference is an increase of 14MB in the user memory and the supplied MMC card is 64MB instead of 16MB. There is no extra execution memory (a mistake in many people's opinion).

New Web Browser (based on Opera):
The new WWW browser offers better compatibility with WWW pages. The main new features are the following:

  • HTML 4.01 (the Nokia 9210 Communicator has HTML 3.2)
  • Support for XHTML 1.1
  • JavaScript™ supported
  • CSS (Cascade style sheet)
  • 2 windows concept (two windows can be open at the same time)
  • Content sensitive pointer (pointer recognizes the content it is placed on)
  • Edge sensitive scrolling with pointer (you can scroll web pages easily with pointer)
  • Internet standards compliance

Real Player One
Real Player One has also been added to the Nokia 9210i. The RealOne Player lets you play RealAudio and RealVideo files on your Nokia 9210i Communicator. It supports streaming from the Internet in HSCSD networks and is pre-installed into the device. You can stream from services that use the newest RealNetworks codec RealAudio 7&8 and RealVideo 7&8 (RA7, RA8, RV7, RV8). In addition the service must be available with bit rates suitable for your HSCSD connection. You may find some material that is only designed for wide band Internet access and this kind of material cannot be viewed on the Nokia 9210i Communicator.

Flash Player
A Macromedia Flash player has also been added to the device. Flash Player supports Macromedia Flash content, which is widely used to deliver motion, sound, and interactivity. This means you can now enjoy Macromedia Flash movies, cartoons, and even games right from your mobile phone. Plus, you'll be able to view engaging presentations, e-learning content, even personal productivity applications that keep you on the move. The Flash Player provides a rich Web experience, in part through the use of Vector graphics that enable sharp scaling.

Comparison Table:
Nokia offer this useful comparison table:

  HSCSD connection:
Yes Yes
  WWW browser:
Yes Yes
      -Supports frames
Yes Yes
      -Supports JavaScript™
No Yes
      -Supports Cascade style sheet (CSS)
No Yes
      -Two windows can be open at a time
No Yes
      -Edge sensitive scrolling with pointer
No Yes
      -Content sensitive pointer
No Yes
  Supports picture messaging:
No Yes
  You can lock the memory card:
No Yes
Yes Yes
      -Supports RealMobile and RealAudio
Yes Yes
      -Supports streaming in HSCSD networks
No Yes
  Video Player supporting NIM format:
Yes Yes
  Flash player / support for vector graphics:
No Yes
  Memory card as an accessory:
Yes Yes
  Addtional applications available:
Yes Yes


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