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Symbian platform breakdown and new 'active installed base' chart

I'm someone who is fascinated by numbers and data points, in this case stats from a well known Symbian developer, Hugo van Kemenade, author of Mobbler, which has been around for all varieties and interfaces of Symbian for years. Meaning that looking at his download numbers and breakdown is very interesting indeed. I wonder if a few other developers might share their numbers too? In the meantime, a little extrapolation brings up charts and stats which will be surprising to many.

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The huge potential problem with in-app purchases

You may recall seeing some pointed comments by me in the recent mini-review of Checkers Deluxe, with a load of opportunities in the game to tap a button to fire off premium SMS to buy such and such a function? The overuse of this mechanism has in fact inspired me to put finger to keyboard in full 'rant' mode. This is all with a Symbian perspective, though elements of my complaints will of course apply to other mobile platforms.

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Symbian application updates in 2014

As everyone's now aware, the Nokia Store (for Symbian apps) is effectively frozen as of midnight tonight. Which means no updates, no new applications - nothing at all. Of course, a lot of the content can stay as-is (and will still be downloadable), but there are bound to be updates needed in order to maintain compatibility with external services, plus there will always be some bugs needing addressing. Begging the question of how such updates can reach Symbian enthusiasts across the globe.

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Nokia releases API map for porting apps to Qt

Nokia has published a great resource for mobile developers who are interested in transferring their skills to Symbian apps via the Qt framework. The Nokia Developer website has published three guides for finding the Qt equivalent of API calls for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. It has come late in Symbian’s life, but it is just what the developer world needed to reduce the friction in developing for this not-so-dead platform.

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Qt SDK 1.2 released

An updated version of the Qt SDK, version 1.2, was released today. It contains all the tools required to create Qt applications for Nokia's Symbian devices. The new version includes Qt Creator 2.4 (bringing improvement to the QML editor and numerous bug fixes) and Qt Mobility 1.2 (improved API access to Bluetooth and NFC).

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Nokia store passes 11 million downloads a day

11 million content items are being downloaded from Nokia Store every day, according to figures recently released by Nokia. This annualises to a rate of 4 billion downloads a year, or 1 billion a quarter. The top five countries for downloads from Nokia Store are India, China, Russia, Brazil and Turkey. The top device is the N8, followed by the 5800, 5233, 5230 and C3.

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Marco Argenti on Nokia's developer activities and opportunities

In this series of videos Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience and Marketplace at Nokia, explains some of the guiding principals behind Nokia's developer activities and the opportunities available for developers on Nokia's platforms. The video series was recorded at MEF Americas 2011 by 361 Degrees.

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Fri 18th April, 2014

10:50 HTC releases preview SDK to allow developers to access One... Into Mobile

Thu 17th April, 2014

19:18 LG's Connect is the One Ring to rule Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV,... MobileBurn
My living room currently has three different options for streaming web content to the big screen, and LG today announced that it wants to be able to control all of the major options with a Connect SDK that developers can use to control multiple platforms. Read the full story here.
18:50 SomaSim to Bring City Building Sim "1849" to iPad MobileTechReview
Grab your pickaxe and head out West! Indie developer SomaSim has announced that their Gold Rush-themed city builder, 1849, will release May 8 for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets. Here are the detailed on this upcoming iPad game: With all of the peril and possibility of the ne...
18:13 Windows Phone Store Rolling Out App Review Replies Phone Scoop
Microsoft has begun allowing developers to post responses to reviews of their application in the Windows Phone Store. For now, Microsoft is limiting this feature on a trial basis, though it will expand soon. The responses are emailed to the review author through Microsoft. Microsof...
17:44 Apple’s iOS is playing catch-up to Android SymbianOne
The markets continue their relief rally from Tuesday. It’s a long way back up to where they were this time last week, though. Patience.
09:37 Nokia?s Lost Opportunities Mobile Phone Development
I came across two things today that reminded me that Nokia lost many opportunities to be successful. The first is an article at digittoday that shows that Nokia had a production ready tablet ready as far back as 2001. The second is a twitter post by VisionMobile’s Andreas C...

Wed 16th April, 2014

15:49 HTC Releases Dual-Camera SDK Preview Phone Scoop
HTC today made available a preview of its dual-camera software developers kit. The SDK will allow developers to tap into the two-camera setup on the HTC One. With these tools, they can create their own apps that take advantage of the perspective information captured by the second c...
13:54 NFC Forum Updates 9 Key Specs Phone Scoop
The NFC Forum today announced the availability of nine revised technical specifications. According to the NFC Forum, the updated specifications will let hardware makers and developers improve interoperability, generate faster read and write performance, improve handovers, and reduc...
10:38 Separate Apps Mobile Phone Development
Wired has a new article with the over dramatic title ‘This Is the End of Facebook as We Know It’ describing how Facebook is separating out the messaging into its Messenger app. I have previously written about common reasons for separate apps and it appears Faceb...

Tue 15th April, 2014

16:58 Free Webinar: Are Enterprise Apps Worth the Dirty Work? SymbianOne
08:32 App Marketing and Engagement Mobile Phone Development
Yodel mobile has an ‘Afternoon Club’ for clients where they recently discussed ‘The journey to app engagement’. The main conclusion was the importance of going beyond the download in terms of measurement. Tips included making your app useful, keeping your ...

Mon 14th April, 2014

16:53 Could Microsoft Hijack Android? SymbianOne
Last December I wrote a piece for in which I suggested that Microsoft embrace Android (,2817,2428598,00.asp) for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.
13:50 Android NDK Performance Mobile Phone Development
Android apps aren’t just implemented using Java. You can also compile and run c/c++ (NDK) code. This obviously runs faster but how much faster? With newer Dalvik implementations over time, how much faster is c/c++ now? Learn OpenGL ES has a useful post that compares the speed of a digital signal processing (DSP) filter implemented in [...]
11:56 Microsoft Releases Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 Phone Scoop
Microsoft today made available a preview version of Windows Phone 8.1. The operating system is in its penultimate form and available to developers for testing purposes ahead of the general release. Members of Microsoft's developer community may download the preview for free. It inc...

Fri 11th April, 2014

21:28 comScore Reports November 2013 U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market... SymbianOne
Number of Americans Who Own Smartphones Surpasses 150 Million
20:50 Windows Phone 8.1 developer software coming next week CoolSmartPhone
15:19 Dropbox Launches Mailbox For Android With Auto-Swipe, Previews... SymbianOne
A year after acquiring ( mobile-first email management iOS app Mailbox (, today Dropbox launched Mailbox for Android (, and previewed a beta version for desktop. It also showed off a new “Auto-swipe” feature that lets you not only archive an unwanted email, but automatically archive similar emails you receive in the future.
15:00 Apple's iOS, OS X don't have Heartbleed bug but BBM for iOS and... SymbianOne
iOS and OS X users can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that their devices are not affected by the catastrophic OpenSSL Heartbleed security flaw — but if they're using BBM for really private messages on iOS they might want to stop right now.
14:46 Google beefs up Android security with continuous app scanning... SymbianOne
Google is further improving the security of its Android mobile operating system by adding a continuous app scanning feature.


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