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All About Symbian Develop Section
AAS Developer's Section
AAS provides coverage for Symbian Developers. We have sections for each of the main languages. Currently our best content is in OPL section.

This section is currently under development and we are looking for people to help maintain and contribute. We recommend you also consider visiting NewLC - an independent Symbian developers site.

Recent Develop Section Articles
Mobile Blogging - by Ewan
Ewan introduces us to Mobile Blogging. Ewan introduces and explains how you can start your own blog and update it from your phone. With specific attention paid to one of our sister site Symbian Diaries.
Part 1: A Crash Course in OPL - by Ewan Spence
In which we'll introduce you to the language of OPL, give you an idea of what variables and procedures are, how procedures call other procedures, and introduce you to the versatile DO... UNTIL... loop structure and the essential IF...ELSE... ENDIF
Part 2: Understanding the Event Core - by Ewan Spence
In which we'll introduce FreEPOC's event core, talk through the workings of this OPL framework of code, learn more about Procedures (and how to pass numbers to them), examine key inputs and the menu system, and finish up by seeing a program exiting safely.
Part 3: Designing the Application - by Ewan Spence
In which we'll start designing our first application, look at how to handle pictures, and discover how to manipulate windows and graphics.
Part 4: Creating the MBM's - by Ewan Spence
In which we'll identify graphics that we'll need, and create our first MBM graphics file using MBMWhizzard.
Part 5: Changing the Core - by Ewan Spence
In which we'll make the first changes to Event Core and see the app starting to come together on our Communciators.
Part 6: Cursor Control - by Ewan Spence
In which we start to give the user some control over the application, move the cursor around, and make our first guess with some coloured balls...
Part 7: Thinking about thinking - by Ewan Spence
In which we'll take the player's guess, compare it to the real solution, and work out how accurate his guess was.
Tutorial - Installing the Nokia 9200 SDK and OPL SDK - by Rafe Blandford
Get started with the 9200 OPL SDK on either a PC of the device itself.
Programming With Spreadsheets - Part 1 - by Ewan
Get your phone under control with the first part of our guide to Spreadsheet Programming.

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