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In conjunction with Mobitopia, All About Symbian can offer you real time chat with other Symbian OS users through our irc (chat) channel on the Freenode IRC server. You can use many program to access IRC (and hence All About Symbian chat), some of these are discussed below. Alternatively you can can use this page, which has an applet which will automatically connect you to the chat channel.

Please note that the rules that apply to the forum (summary: no warez or illegal software, be civil to others) also apply for this chat channel. The channel is moderated by various people inlcuding the forum moderators and other site admins. Once you are in chat you can tell who these people are because they have a '@' symbol in front of their name. Please also note that the contents/chat of the room is logged and stored. These log file will be available publically in the future.

Click here to use the Java applet to start chatting right now...

The channel is open all the time for chatting. Below you can see who is currently in the channel. Please note that Symbian and Warlocks are bots who looks after the channel (bots are programs not real people). We will be arranging a set time for a chat so you get a chance to get together with lots of people.

People / Nicks currently online:
Currently under testing... We'll get back to you.

These notes will be extended in due course, however they should be enough to get you going.

Technical IRC bits
For those that know about IRC the All About Symbian/Mobitopia channel is hosted on, and is called mobitopia thus:

Channel name: #mobitopia

This is all the information you should need to join the chat, you can use these with the IRC programs specified below (or any other IRC program). The programs come with help documentation so you should be able to work out what to do. If not please post to the forum and we'll try and sort you out.

Program which allow you to access IRC
Windows - the standard program for Windows is mIRC.

Mac - A Mac IRC client is available from

Linux - a Linux client is available from

Symbian - To connect to the chat from your Symbian device you could use WirelessIRC (Nokia 7650) or 9IRC (Nokia 9210).

Syndication of the chat applet
If you wish to have access to the chat channel from your own webpage (i.e. have the chat applet embedded in your page) this is possible by adding the following JavaScript to your page. If you choose to do this please let us know. A link back to this site would also be appreciated:

<script src=""></script>            


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