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08-09-2004, 02:57 PM
Nokia has announced it is to acquire Metrowerks' Symbian orientated development tools and license Metrowerks's key development tool technology (The Code Warrior IDE). Nokia intends to invest in the platform-specific technologies, and also add new features and support to the newly acquired tools. Metrowerk will act as a reseller of the tools for Nokia and continue to develop the core technology and CodeTEST(TM) Software Analysis Tools. Metrowerks' software is one of the leading developer tools for Series 60, Series 80, Series 90 and UIQ.

Press Release:

Nokia and Metrowerks Agree on Transfer of Application Development Technology to Nokia

Licensing deal, reseller agreement and purchased assets enrich Nokia's offering for the Symbian OS ecosystem and endorse Metrowerks core technology

Austin, Texas, September 8, 2004 - Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a portfolio of applications development tools based on the Symbian Operating System and to license core development tool technologies from Metrowerks Corporation, an independent subsidiary of Freescale(TM) Semiconductor, Inc. (NYSE:FSL).

Upon completion of the acquisition, the development and support resources of the Metrowerks tools portfolio for the Symbian OS will be transitioned to Nokia. In addition, Nokia Inc. will make employment offers to approximately two-dozen Metrowerks employees, who are experts in these products. This will complement the acquisition by bringing in the skill set required to develop and support the portfolio. The employees will be located in a newly established Nokia Inc. office in Austin, Texas.

Under the terms of the agreement, Metrowerks plans, upon closing of the agreement, to license its core technologies, including its debugger, compiler and award winning CodeWarrior(TM) Integrated Development Environment to Nokia, and certain extensions to that core technology related to the Symbian OS will be transferred to Nokia. Nokia intends to invest in the platform-specific technologies, and also add new features and support to the newly acquired tools. At the same time, Metrowerks will continue to invest in and extend its core technologies. The combined offering helps ensure availability and further the evolution of the highest quality development tools for device and application creation on the Symbian OS.

The anticipated transaction is expected to benefit the entire Symbian ecosystem, resulting in faster time to market by providing a single source for platform and device development processes. It also is expected to help developers build a broader and more versatile pool of applications for Symbian-based platforms such as Series 60, 80 and 90, and Symbian UIQ. Consequently, consumers and businesses using Symbian OS-based devices can expect to have access to a wider selection of innovative applications.

"This agreement illustrates Nokia's commitment to Symbian as the best operating system for advanced mobile devices as well as our support to Symbian as the leading mobile platform for device creation and application development," said Pertti Korhonen, CTO, Nokia. "The transaction will enable Nokia to provide developers with a comprehensive wireless tools portfolio, helping them to grow their mobile application revenues. We are very happy to work with Metrowerks in this important area."

The closing of the transaction, subject to customary conditions, is expected to occur during the 4th quarter, 2004. Upon completion, the suite of development tools for the Symbian OS based platform and related support will be available through Nokia and its channels, both to independent software developers as well as to the entire Symbian OS ecosystem, including licensees.

"Metrowerks is committed to working closely with Nokia to enhance and extend support for the Symbian platform with world class core technology," said Matt Harris, President and CEO, Metrowerks. "This deal is great news for the Symbian OS development community, and it gives Metrowerks core technology a significant position in Nokia's wireless development tools portfolio."

Metrowerks will be a reseller of the Nokia tools. The company will also continue to serve the Symbian community with enhancements to its core technology and with its line of CodeTEST(TM) Software Analysis Tools.

The transaction will enhance Nokia's developer offering, delivered by Forum Nokia, by adding sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools for developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) into the portfolio. At the same time, Nokia will continue its close collaboration with the current development tools vendors supporting the Symbian OS. Offerings from those vendors are critical in covering various developer segments and securing developers' freedom to use tools of their choice.

The employees related to the transaction are scheduled to become a part of the Technology Platforms unit within Nokia. The new team will work closely with Forum Nokia, which delivers technical and business support to almost 1.5 million registered developers at Nokia forecasts it will ship approximately 100 million developer platform devices during 2004.

About Nokia
Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed broadband and IP networks. By adding mobility to the Internet Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and further enriches the daily lives of people. Nokia is a broadly held company with listings on five major exchanges.

About Metrowerks
Metrowerks Corporation creates CodeWarrior software and hardware products and services for developers that focus on the consumer electronics, transportation, wireless, and networking and communications industries. The CodeWarrior product line includes hardware and software development tools and middleware that enable customers to decrease their time to market. Founded in 1985, Metrowerks is an independent subsidiary of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Metrowerks corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Regional headquarters are in Munich, Singapore and Tokyo. For more information:

08-09-2004, 03:15 PM
Crikey that's a good one! Start cranking up the Conspiracy theories, now that Nokia have one of the two main choices for developing for UIQ Machines (the other being the Borland Suite of Tools).

08-09-2004, 04:09 PM
I believe Metrowerks has a hardware debugger for their embedded platform development. If Nokia ports this to S60 I wil be a very happy man.

10-09-2004, 12:07 AM
Start cranking up the Conspiracy theories.

Sounds more like Convergence than Conspiracy to me.

10-09-2004, 07:17 AM
I think it's convergence as well, but I'm really hoping gets a hold of this and does another one of his 'hilarious' attacks on Nokia :->