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27-07-2003, 01:18 AM
Delete c\system\data\GmtOffset.ini from your phone
(You will need to use a program like PC File Manager from

Ever since I bought my phone in January (I have an old R1B phone) whenever I've sync'ed my phone with Outlook, the dates of the appointments in Outlook were not the same as on my phone. Yes, both the phone and the computer had the same time zone setting. Yes, both the phone and the computer had the same daylight savings time setting.

If I would do a full system reset, then Outlook would sync properly again. This means that it was not a firmware bug and not an Outlook bug. Because I didn't want to have to completely 'rebuild' my phone, I thought I would check each and every file to see if there was an incorrect configuration somehwere.

This weekend I finally had time to dig deeper into the problem. I backed up the phone and did a full system reset. I then copied all of the files on the phone to my HD. I then restored the phone and copied the files to a different directory on my HD. I then compared the two.

Lo and behlod, the file: c\system\data\GmtOffset.ini was one of the files which was different. I also discovered that doing a "full system reset" does not in fact delete all the files... but that's another story for another time.

Appearantly c\system\data\GmtOffset.ini does not get updated when you change your time zone.... either that or some program I have installed interferes with it.

I deleted c\system\data\GmtOffset.ini and then did a sync. Sure enough, everything worked fine.

Hope this helps others... I searched on Google and this forum in vain for the solution to this problem.



28-07-2003, 07:41 AM
I didn't have your problem, but I would like to compliment you for your efforts and for posting your solution including a detailed discussion.

If we had more postings like yours, there would be less traffic, less rumours, and more quality here.

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