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The Nokia E52 is Nokia's new entry level Eseries device. Its sister device is the E55 (which has a different keyboard). The E52 features a 3.2 megapixel camera, A-GPS with compass, WiFi and WCDMA connectivity all in a slim-line form factor.

You can also view the photos here on Flickr.

  • 3.2 megapixel EDoF camera
    3.2 megapixel EDoF camera
    The EDoF camera (extended depth of field) uses a special lens and software to allow for instant in-focus capture. It's not quite as good as a true autofocus camera, but it is a lot better than a fixed focused one. The camera module can also be a lot smaller allowing the E52 to have a slim profile.
  • E52 keypad
    E52 keypad
    This is the key difference between the E52 and the E55. The E55 has a half-QWERTY keypad, where the E52 has the more orthodox 12 key layout.
  • E52's one touch buttons
    E52's one touch buttons
    The E52's hardware shortcut buttons can be customised (both single press and long press) in the phone's settings.
  • Top of the E52
    Top of the E52
    The position of the light sensor (used to adjust the brightness of the screen), was the only other hardware difference I spotted between the E52 and E55 (colours aside).
  • E52 from the bottom
    E52 from the bottom
    Microphone and lanyard holder.
  • microUSB port
    microUSB port
    For PC connectivity and phone charging. It's the 'best' implementation I've seen of a microUSB port - less metal bits showing.
  • E52 keypad
  • BP5-L battery
    BP5-L battery
    The battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh, which should lead to some very impressive battery life times. The battery takes up the majority of the room in the phone, to the extent that you wonder where the rest of the hardware can have possible been fitted in. A remarkable industrial design achievement.
  • microSD card
    microSD card
    Its located under the battery cover, which may annoy some, but has the significant advantage of reducing the number of 'outside' openings.
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
    3.5 mm audio jack
    The audio quality of the E52 is similar to that of Nokia's recent XpressMusic devices.
  • Side buttons
    Side buttons
    Volume up and down keys surround the voice control key (which doubles as the mute key during phone calls).
  • E50, E51 and E52
    E50, E51 and E52
    The entry level Eseries through the ages. The E52 steps up the screen size significantly and still manages to improve in the size department (mainly thanks to its thinness).
  • Rotated homescreen
    Rotated homescreen
  • E51 versus E50 versis E52
    E51 versus E50 versis E52
    The reduced depth of the E52 is evident in this picture.
  • E52 in the hand
  • E52 applications
    E52 applications
    The E52 comes with a generous bundle of third party and Nokia applications.
  • Borwsing in landscape mode
    Borwsing in landscape mode
    The usual OVi services are present on the phone including N-Gage, Ovi Maps, Nokia Music, Ovi Files and more...
  • Encryption
    As with other Eseries devices you can choose to encrypt the content of the C drive and memory cards. This will slow down the phone a little (though you would be hard pressed to really notice), but does provide an extra layer of security.
  • Phone
    The E52 is an outstanding phone device. Both in terms of call quality, but also the additional application that other phones sometimes miss out.
  • E52 in camera mode
    E52 in camera mode
    The E52's 3.2 megapixel camera produces reasonable result, assuming you don't need macro mode (less than 50 cm from subject). Note also how the transrefelective screen has excellent outdoor viewing properties.
  • Accelereomter
    The E52, as you would expect from a recent Nokia device, has an accelerometer, which can be used to silence alarms and incoming calls and also provides automatic screen rotation.
  • Customisable homscreen
    Customisable homscreen
    The E52 has the typical Eseries homescreen. A notable feature is the ability to customise exactly which hmescreen plug-ins are displayed. This is part of the 'Switch mode' functionality, which effectively gives you two homescreens (one for work, one for personal), which you can switch back and forth between using the dedicated shortcut.
  • Remote lock
    Remote lock
    A less well known advantage of recent Eseries is their ability to remotely lock themselves. You can send a phrase, which if sent to the phone by text, will lock the device. You'll be required to enter a pin number to access the device again. Usually this kind of feature is only available to corporate users who have a device management infrastructure in place.
  • E52 box front
    E52 box front
    Includes the 'go faster' red stripe down the side.
  • E52 Box contents
    E52 Box contents
    Usual box contents, but the 2mm power jack to microUSB power adapter is a nice extra.
  • E52 box back
    E52 box back
    Designed for the way we work - the little known Eseries mantra.


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News Discussion

Business-focussed? I thought it means a good calandar app (which Calendar isn't), good mail client (which Messages isn't) and virtual/hardware qwerty keyboard to type mails and edit documents quickly. It's business because named 'E'?
What about signal strenght? What about noise cancellation? Battery in real life?
Does the podcasting client SIS file (available here: ) install and run on the E52 and E55?

Originally Posted by jrmt View Post
Does the podcasting client SIS file (available here: ) install and run on the E52 and E55?

Put simply, no
Signal strength and voice call quality are both good, but then this is a Nokia - kind of goes without saying?

And it's definitely aimed at businesses, I'd say. It's not much good for general media watching and games because the graphics aren't fast enough.
To my mind there's two kinds of 'Enterprise' devices - both with an edge towards business use because of the software set (and build quality for durability, I guess - though you could argue a N-Series exposed to a school playground or Gym needs to be more robust!) - one set is for actually working on the move, so E90, E75, E61/61i/71/72, E55, N900 (woops - I mean N810!) and N97 (yes, I'm going to include it!) with an emphasis on QWERTY as well, in some shape or form - and the other set (like E52, E51 et al) is for business people on the move who don't necessarily need to create but have an efficiency in quick-viewing info and quick-accessing communication options and accessing appropriate other services to do with productivity - as well as having a robust but very small device to carry in a top shirt pocket, but don't necessarily need to 'create'. And overlying this argument about business people needing robustness is that actually people who have more money to spend (though that landscape is now rapidly changing) or are spending company money want to make a statement about having stuff that's sleek and sexy and expensive-looking. Let's not also forget that many people would (now it's so easy to switch devices and retain consistency of data) have a QWERTY device in tandem with a non-QWERTY and use them as needed.
thanks very much for your review, Steve
I always look forward to reading your assessment of the latest Symbian device
from time to time, I use a Nokia E51
in bright sunlight, I often tear my hair out trying to edit Notes - I find it almost impossible to see the cursor position, no matter what theme I'm using
what's your opinion of the E52's performance in these conditions?

P.S. am I being too picky?
Really like this device :)

Will probably buy one when it's a bit cheaper and a black model is available, if it ever happens.

It would also been nice if it had TV-out and a better camera too (would gladly sacrifice some 2-3mm thinness for that), but they are features that I can be without.
Why on earth would Nokia "by design" leave Podcasting out? It costs them nothing to leave it in, it's one of the best apps available for S60 and most users really find it useful; it's almost as if Nokia designers have no idea or interest in how people actually use their devices...
@dave: Screen in sunlight is the same as for E51.... But it's bigger, so should be a little clearer 8-)

@unregistered: Yep. EXACTLY. Terrible design decision, all for the sake of a couple of hundred KILOBYTES in the firmware.
No podcasting. No internet radio. I bought the N82 despite the terrible keyboard and paying for quickoffice BECAUSE I can listen while I work, fly, train and drive on business. These are essential business phone attributes. Nokia need to do some serious customer reseach and put it on the E72 which I was going to buy for the keyboard and better camera - however it seem I will probably stick to the trusty N82 after all.

Simon Spooner
Two questions and one suggestion to Nokia:

- Can't podcasting and internet radio be downloaded from Ovi or anywhere else? If they're not available yet, they're definitely a software issue, right? So one can expect someone (Nokia or others) to address this, right?

- I use my E51 while plugged to the power adapter. With the E52, I suspect having the power connector on the side, instead of the bottom, will make this very uncomfortable. Have you tried it? I wonder why they put that connector on the side anyway, while leaving the bottom empty. This seems to be not such a great idea in order to put the phone in car adapters either... Can you comment on this issue?

- I would suggest Nokia that they brought the optical Navi-key to these phones (E52/E55). I do heavy web reading on my E51 in bed (that's why I use the phone connected to the power adapter...) and after a couple of hours I start suffering from RSI. I'm pretty sure that non-pressure Navi-key would help a lot with reading.

Anyway, as soon as they put out a black version of the E52 I'll probably upgrade from my E51, a phone I've been really happy with for over a year (although I still miss the exquisite screen in the older E60 and hopefully the E52's brings back some of that charm).

PS: Oh, I have another one: the E51 can't be laid on a soft surface (a cushion, a sofa, etc.) because the speaker on the bottom will be severely muffled and you won't hear the ringer. Does the E52 suffer from this too?

PS2: Sorry, the last one: I love the blinking light on my E51 telling me about missed calls or texts. Is this still present on the E52?
Grey, Gold, Black.

Anyone know why Nokia would hold on to the black version and not release it right away?

I'm extremely interested in the black model, and would like to have it before I go to a trip in late october and use it with Ovi Maps 3 and so on, but it seems like I may have to go for the gold version instead :frown:
How long the battery last on real world standby and lite usage. Thanks.
Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
How long the battery last on real world standby and lite usage. Thanks.
Battery life is superb in early testing. No guarantees but I reckon if you leave it on standby with nothing happening it should last over a week. Light use (for me) probably 4 days. Heavy use (for me) 2 days. It's all subjective and depends very much on what you've got ticking over in the background. Quite stunning though when you consider this is the battery that keeps the E90 going for the best part of a week.

Originally Posted by sicofante View Post
Two questions and one suggestion to Nokia:

plugged to the power adapter

laid on a sofa

blinking light
Side-mounting a connection is never the best so you're right - unless it's a two-handed sideways device (though in Ewan's recent videocast he was questioning this for the N97 at least - I didn't agree and didn't find that it was in the way). They started this trend with the E71 et al ISTR and I remember thinking that all of a sudden that makes it very hard for anyone to make a cradle for it, whether desktop or car. Apart from the position, they also had a flap over the port. At least this doesn't have that.

Laid on a soft surface doesn't seem to impair the speaker for me.

Blinking light remains.

Just read this, apparantly several people are having issues with the sending signal, so the person on the other end get a very poor voice volume.

Probably a poor side effect of the noise cancellation, is there any way to turn that thing off?
Ouch! Lots of interesting comments there. Phone quality was fine for me when testing the device, but I'll admit that I didn't go anywhere really noisy - I tend to test these things as smartphones rather than as telephones.

So yes, sounds like Nokia need to adjust the noise cancellation settings to be a little bit less severe.
I have a problem with my E52. Today (the battery was full) the phone switched off itself and I couldn't turn it on. When I pressed power button, the phone vibrated but nothing else happened. So I went to Nokia Service and they reflashed the phone and said that everything will be ok now. 2 hours later the same thing happened Sad Did anyone have the same issue with phone? Is it faulty unit or it is firmware issue?
thanks a lot for your informative review, i'm interested in e52 and planning to buy it but i have some questions about it.

- you said that it's music quality is good if we use a pro earphones, does this mean that i can depend on it as a music player?? is it comparable to music oriented devices such as express music or n series phones regarding music experience ( both in quality and loudness) ??

- about the call quality, i read in other forums about serious issues about call quality and that the noise cancellation caused bad voice quality, did you face any problems regarding this issue??

- about the build quality, is it really that good?? i mean some other users said that it has no so good build quality and that it's made of chromed plastic which is not as good as metal material.

- i'm planing to buy a new phone next month and i'm really confused between e52, n79 and 5800 xm, each has something that i like but i'm about to choose e52 due to build quality, fast processor and what is left is to be sure that it's good at music to buy it, please help me choose one????

thanks for your time
E72 gonnabe
is it an open secret or does it only happen to us here that its safer to wait for at least the 3rd or 4th shipments of new Nokia releases to be safe from the dodgy 1st batches? Always the 1st batches' antics wont be fixed even with firmware upgrades. Seems its not just the firmware, but hardware upgrades is involved in the later batches
E72 gonnabe
oh yeah, the N97 included. Better still, why not just forget the N97 altogether and it'll be worth everybody's while to wait for a N97i or N98watsupersoeva that's gonna come out right the 1st time
I really like the look for the E52 / E55. I have an N95 at the moment (which is still very very capable) however have a hankering to upgrade. I recently got a HTC Hero (G2 Touch) which lasted a week and then went to the bay of e (terrible lag and awful camera). I have a factory unlocked iphone 3gs on the way from Oz at the moment but I'm not sure I'll be keeping that either!

I want the E55, but the caveats about the keyboard put me off a little. Internet Radio and Podcasting apps are a bit of a pain too, but I'll be using the phone in conjunction with my ipod touch too, so can be lived without if I absolutely have to.

So, after my pre-amble....will the digital compass work with Google maps a la iphone? I think I have a couple more quaetions too, but the kids need feeding and watering....back soon!
On my second replacement phone. Phone crashing and then occasionally even switching itself off. Could be one of the resaons one of the major networks are not releasing the phone yet. Impossible to see the screen in daylight and some pople complaining that they can't hear me, particularly in a noisy environment, like traffic.
Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have a problem with my E52. Today (the battery was full) the phone switched off itself and I couldn't turn it on. When I pressed power button, the phone vibrated but nothing else happened. So I went to Nokia Service and they reflashed the phone and said that everything will be ok now. 2 hours later the same thing happened Sad Did anyone have the same issue with phone? Is it faulty unit or it is firmware issue?
You're not the only one out there with similar problems. On my second replacement phone. Something wrong and Noki are aware of the fault, but, who knows what, when or even how they'll fix it.

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